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IFSOC presents Colorado Short Circuit 2018

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Colorado Short Circuit is a 2 day event featuring Award Winning shorts from Colorado Independent Filmmakers. Featuring films from Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver, Colorado Short Circuit showcases short films from across our region.

Each hour-long film block features a collection of short films and a Q&A session with the featured filmmakers.
April 13th-14th


The Ivywild School
1604 S Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO



$5.00 per individual block
$35.00 Festival Pass
Free Award Ceremony and wrap party

Get your tickets now!


Friday, April 13th

5:30 PM Opening Reception  (VIP Only): Location To Be Announced
Opening Night Films: 
7:15 – 8:30PM Horror Night: Part One –$5 – – R-Rated

Lunatic- Nathaniel Shields RT: 10:00
Captured- Adam Raynes RT: 3:24
Hapless Horror- Wes Clark RT: 19:12
Fire Ripples- Mark Roeder Rt: 3:13
Praise The Dead- Michael Bliss RT: 3:20
Truth Or Dare- Joey Partridge RT: 1:45
REM- Hector Quijano RT: 6:18
47.5 Minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

8:45 – 10:00 PM Horror Night: Part Two –$5 – – R-Rated

Come To Me Sister Mary- Tory Van Buskirk (RT: 18:37)
The Only Order- Van Wampler RT:15:00
M – Travis Lupher- RT: 3:00
In The Deep- Rion Smith RT: 15:47
Mort- Drew Wilbur RT: 5:35
58 minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

Saturday, April 14th

9:45 – 11:00 AM: Documentary Shorts — $5 – PG Rated

Love Me- Joshua Sun RT:10:57
Western Jubilee- Donna Guthrie RT:10:00
The Machinist- Russel Bowen RT:7:56
Labeled- Hadassah Nix RT:10:29
White Chocolate-Daniel Robinson RT: 9:00
Portrait of Recovery- Michael Bliss RT: 9.30
58 Minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

11:15- 12:15 PM: Comedy/Drama Shorts #1 — $5 – PG-Rated

Cardigan Sorrow- Brad Haag RT:6:00
Die Forelle- Dana Kjeldsen RT: 16:52
It’s Only Helium- Josh Boehnke RT: 12:05
Profiling- Anthony Hartley RT: 4:24
Lethal Christmas- Matt Alvarado RT: 7:35
47 minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

12:30- 1:30 PM: Women in Film — #5 – R- Rated

Finding Home- Yolande Morrison RT:14:12
The Hanging- Erica Fellion RT:7:12
Surviving- Tea Santos RT:14:19
We Exist- Anabelle Martinez RT:11:36
Girl Brain- April Mouton RT:2:46
50.5 Minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

1:45- 2:45 PM: Comedy/Drama Shorts #2 — $5 – PG-13 Rated

Hannah & Gretchen: A Trail of Breadcrumbs- Anton Church RT: 13:35
St. Clara of Corona- Solomon Chavez RT: 24:00
Selfish- Michael O’Connell RT: 12:00
49.5 Minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

3:15- 4:15 PM: Experimental… Animation… & More — $5 – – R-Rated

Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight- Avon Schultz RT:11:36
Country Music- Joshua Santellana RT: 1:50
Invincible- Alex Fahl- RT: 3:44
A Moment- Thomas Crandall- RT: 1:28
Someday: Rob Drabkin- Dillon Novak RT: 4:15
2006 A Maze Odyssey- Mark Copley RT: 3:47
Gypsee: Travelin- Kyle Woodiel RT: 2:23
Painted Cave- Jon Sargent RT: 4:07
Paradise City- Brad Haag RT: 3:50
Mecha-Jonny Mancini RT: 7:05
Diabetes- Nick Gatsby RT: 5:27
50 minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

4:30- 5:45 PM: Comedy/Drama Shorts #3 — $5 – R-Rated

Clippings- Jamey Hastings RT: 18:30
Unto Others- Luke Holligshead RT: 8:36
Girl Meets Germs- Chris Freeman RT: 6:59
Deal- Robert Brogden RT: 8:48
Do That Thing- Tyler Hunt RT: 3:14
A Hero In All Of Us- Travis Lupher- RT: 15:41
62.5 minutes
Q&A with Filmmakers

6:00 -7:00 PM: Filmmaker Forum – Free Attendance —
7:30- 9:30 PM: Award Ceremony – Free Attendance –

Special Musical Guest: Nick & Jordan

10:00 Wrap Party: All are Welcome!