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ISFF 2014 Trailer Mashup from ISFF on Vimeo.

For over 6 years the Indie Spirit Film Festival has been an annual event for filmmakers (professionals and students) and film lovers alike held in the beautiful setting of Colorado Springs, Colorado. With a superb program of feature films, shorts, docs, animation, and many other films from around the world. Here are the Award Winners and posters from the previous 6 Film Festivals.


 ISFF2013 – ISFF2012 – ISFF2011 Festival Winners

ISFF 2013 Winners

Best Feature:
 Not for Human Consumption Directed by Chris Alonso
Best Short:
 The Bath Directed by Mark Lundsten
Best International Feature:
 Discoverdale Directed by George Kane
Best International Short:
 A Bit Older and a Little Bit Taller Directed By Manlio Roseano
Colorado Spotlight - Feature:
 We the Owners Directed by David Romero
Colorado Spotlight - Short:
 Menschen Directed by Sarah Lofti
Best Documentary Feature:
 The Great Chicken Wing Hunt Directed by Matt Reynolds
Best Documentary Short:
 World Fair Directed by Amanda Murray
Best Horror Feature: 
The House of Good and Evil Directed by David Mun
Best Horror Short:
 Awake Directed by Lucille Hansen
Best Animated Film:
 Sleight of Hand Directed by Michael Cusack
Best Environmental Feature:
 Last Paradise Directed by Clive Neeson
Best Environmental Short:
The Story of an Egg Directed by Douglas Gayeton
Best Native American Feature:
 People of a Feather Directed by Joel Heath
Best Native American Short:
Chasing Moonflowers Directed by Cortland Wilson
Best Sports/Outdoor Feature:
 The Boy Who Flies Directed by Benjamin Jordan
Best Sports/Outdoor Short:
 Ice Directed by Barry Stevenson
Best Student Feature:
 Weekend Hat Directed by Adam Jacobs
Best Student Short:
 Abuelas Directed by Afarin Eghbal
Screeners’ Choice:
 Wet Behind the Ears Directed by Sloan Copeland
Special Jury Award:
 The Nocturnal Directed by Kai Dickson

ISFF 2012 Winners

52577852012 Photo Gallery

Best Environmental Short Film
 Carbon for Water Directed by Evan Abramson
Best Environmental Feature Film
 Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden Directed by Carol Black
Best Native American Short Film
 Sacred Poison Directed by Yvonne Latty
Best Native American Feature Film
 Rencontre Directed by Olivier Higgins and Melanie Carrier
Best Sports/Outdoor Short Film
 Between the Curbs Directed by  Kris Carter
Best Sports/Outdoor Feature Film
 50 Year Old Freshman: Suzanne Heim-Bowen Directed by Deborah J. McDonald
Best Foreign Short Film
 Protect the Nation Directed by C.R. Reisser
Best Foreign Feature Film
 Indie Jonesing Directed by Stefan Wrenshall
Best Animated Film
 Sid the Killer Directed by Harry Teitelman
Best Documentary Short Film
 Above the Ashe Directed by Michelle Carpenter
Best Documentary Feature Film
 The Love of Beer Directed by Alison Grayson
Best Student Short Film
 Controlled Burn Directed by Dan Van Wert
Best Student Feature Film
 Bad is Bad Directed by Kent Lamm
Best Horror Short Film
 Incubator Directed by Jimmy Weber
Best Horror Feature Film
 It’s in the Blood Directed by Scooter Downey
Best Colorado Spotlight Short Film
 Just Like the Movies Directed by Stacy Adamski
Best Colorado Spotlight Feature Film
 GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth Directed by Dave Gardner
Best Narrative Short Film
 Faith Directed by Erik Pagan
Best Narrative Feature Film
 Things I Don’t Understand Directed by David Spaltro
Special Jury Award
 I Declare War Directed by Jason Lapeyre
Screeners Choice Award
 Missed Connections Directed by Eric Kissack
Festival Director’s Choice
 Catena Directed by Falko Jakobs and Lars Ostermann

ISFF 2011 Winners

Best Animated
 Prayers for Peace Directed By Dustin Grella
Colorado Spotlight - Short
 Return Directed By Cyd Chartier Cohn
Colorado Spotlight - Feature
 So Far From Home:Life as a WWII POW in Germany Directed By Steve Mack
Director's Choice Award
 A Lonely Place For Dying Directed By Justin Evans
Best Documentary - Feature
 Rainbow Town Directed by Lauren Selmon Roberts
Best Documentary - Short
 Trout on the Wind Directed By Ralph Bloemers
Best Environmental
 What's Organic about Organic Directed By Shelley Rogers
Best Feature
 Der Sandmann Directed By Peter Luisi
Best Horror Feature
 Playing House Directed By Tom Vaughan
Best Horror Short
 Enter The Dark Directed By Todd Miro
Best International Feature
 Close Encounter of Majhong Directed By Donald Lee
Best Native American Feature
 Dead Can't Dance Directed By Rodrick Pocowatchit
Best Native American Short
 American Indian Airforce: Eves Tall Chief Directed By David Royer
Best Short
 Cold Sore Directed By Matt Bird
Screener's Choice
 Scrap Directed By Paul von Stoetzel
Best Sports - Feature
 Run To The East Directed By Henry Lu
Best Student Short
 Marble Rye Directed By Max Rosen

ISFF2010 – ISFF2009 – ISFF2008 Festival Winners

7th Annual Indie Spirit Film Festival Awards


Indie Spirit Film Festival Best Of

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7th Annual Indie Spirit Feature Film Awards

Narrative Feature

“Avenues” Directed by Aaref Rodriguez

Foreign Feature

“M Cream” Directed by Agneya Singh

Documentary Feature

“Love Thy Nature” Directed by Sylvie Rokab

Native American Feature

“Sitting Bulls Voice” Directed by Bill Matson

Sports Feature

“Court And Spark” Directed by Leslie Hamann

Colorado SpotLight

“Felix Austria” Directed by Christine Beebe

Directors Choice

“Leaving Circadia” Directed by Evan Weinstein

7th Annual Indie Spirit Short Film Awards

Narrative Short

“The Moving Picture Company, 1914” Directed by Mark Kirkland

 Foreign Short

“As It Used To Be” Directed by Clément Gonzalez

 Documentary Short

“100 Years at Howelsen Hill” Directed by Van Wampler

Student Short

“The Summit” Directed by Kai Dickson and Gunnar Renjard

Environmental Short

“Plundering Tibet” Directed by Michael Buckley

Horror Short

“Lucid” Directed by Kevin K. Shah

Animated Short

“I Need My Monster” Directed By Howard Cook