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IFSOC presents Colorado Short Circuit 2019

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Colorado Short Circuit is a 2 day event featuring Award Winning shorts from Colorado Independent Filmmakers. Featuring films from Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver, Colorado Short Circuit showcases short films from across our region.

Each hour-long film block features a collection of short films and a Q&A session with the featured filmmakers.
March 29th-30th


The Ivywild School
1604 S Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO



$8.00 per individual block
$50.00 2-Day Pass
$70.00 VIP Pass
Free Award Ceremony and wrap party
All screenings: Ivywild School 1604 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Buy your passes and tickets now!


Friday, March 29th

5:00-6:30 Filmmaker Reception – VIP Pass Holders Only
Sponsored by: Cork & Cask and The Schuermann Collective: Pete & Ashley Schuermann

Meet& Greet with our Filmmakers and Sponsors for a fun & festive happy hour before the show.
Light hors d’oeuvres and drink specials will be available.

Location: Cork & Cask- 60 E Moreno Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Opening Night Films:

7:00 -8:30 PM Horror/SciFi #1 R-Rated
Sponsored by: The Screening Room- John & Margot Schuermann

Horror: Black Forest -Joey Partridge RT 9:19
SciFi: Sweet Thing- Steven Sabell RT: 23:45
Horror: Mental- Lewis Leslie RT: 5:26
SciFi: Hello- Adam Raynes RT: 4:00
SciFi: Gemini: Jonny Mancini RT:14:27
Horror/Comedy: The Crippler- Mark Roeder RT:9:12
Total RT: 1:06:11
Q&A with Filmmakers

8:45 – 10:00 PM Horror/SciFi #2 R-Rated
Sponsored by: The Gospel According to Stephenson- John & Margot Schuermann

Horror: Disorder- Thomas Miller RT: 7:53
Horror: Black Friday- Eyal Filkovsky RT: 11:06 Tribute to Actor Brian Coleman
Horror: Schizo- Joey Partridge RT: 3:17
Horror: Deuces- Lewis Leslie RT: 10:32
Horror: Birthright- Cruz Frankie Garcia RT: 9:15
Horror: Popsy- Richard Flemming RT:10:34
Horror/Preview: The Gospel According to Stephenson RT: 4:00
Total RT: 56:40
Q&A with Filmmakers

Saturday, March 30th

9:30- 11:00 AM Documentary PG-13 Rated
Sponsored by: Hooked On Books- Jim & Mary Ciletti

Doc: Sticks & Stones, Joints & Bones- Shannan Craine RT: 9:05
Doc: Wild Toddler Chronicles- Brian Lewis RT:9:40
Doc: Night Fisherman- Bill Johnson RT: 10:00
Doc: Chasing Destiny- Noah Mittman RT: 11:18
Doc: Dads- Gabriel Valentine RT:12:37
Doc: Both Genders- Stevie Earnest RT: 8:25
Doc: Abandoned- Lionello DelPiccolo RT:8:48
Doc: Breaking Silence- Dee Contreras RT: 9:50
Total RT: 1:18:53
Q&A with Filmmakers

11:15-12:15 PM Comedy /Drama #1 R-Rated
Sponsored by: Elfi von Dassanowsky Foundation- Robert Dassanowsky

Drama: Red Ever Grows Red Ever Tires- Rob Bowen RT: 14:27
Comedy: Left Side- Dillon Novak/Adam Raynes RT: 9:54
Drama: The Phoenix- Darren Barzegar RT:15:00
Comedy: Translucence – Marcus Scott Jr. RT:7:13
Total RT: 47:00
Q&A with Filmmakers

12:30- 2:00 PM Women In Film PG-13 Rated
Sponsored by: Elfi von Dassanowsky Foundation- Robert Dassanowsky

Comedy: I Put the Bi in Bitter: Marin Lepore RT:20:00
Experimental: Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?- Erynn Mitchell RT:3:41
Doc: Real Mom – AJ Vafiades RT: 10:31
Animation: William’s Words- Donna Guthrie RT: 4:19
Doc: Learning From the Land: Women In Ranching- Katie Klann RT: 9:40
Drama: If Not Now- Lori Kay Allred RT: 7:16
Doc: Under the Wire- Madison Legg RT: 14:40
Total RT: 1:18:07
Q&A with Filmmakers

2:15 -3:15 PM Comedy /Drama #2 – Rated
Sponsored by: 2WIN! Global- Robert Riefstahl

Comedy: First- Josh Boehnke RT:2:27
Comedy: Yourshelf- Ky Hanchett RT: 2:00
Music Video: Thunderdance- Lee Cipolla RT:5:00
Comedy: If It Bleeds- Bradley Haag RT: 6:00
Drama: Pure- Stephan Eigenmann RT:10:00
Comedy: Elephant In The Room- Cody Aldridge RT: 16:39
Drama: Dear Mom- Travis Lupher RT 4:00
Total RT: 46:15
Q&A with Filmmakers

3:30- 4:45 PM Music Video/Experimental /Animation R-Rated
Sponsored by: 2WIN! Global- Robert Riefstahl

Experimental: Information Superhighway- Matthew Nelson RT: 11:25
Music Video: Paradise Shake- Bradley Haag RT:3:00
Experimental: Home- Omar Bitar RT: 4:00
Music Video: Revenge- Alex Fahl/Steven Sabell RT: 6:45
Experimental: Layla- Nick Gatsby RT: 1:18
Music Video: Saylor Knight and the Rescue on the Moon- Skylar Ogren RT: 4:18
Experimental: Waltz- Mason Wheatley RT: 5:40
Experimental: Quest of the Grasshopper- Jon Sargent RT: 5:34
Experimental: Waiting on the Space Poets- Jamey Hastings RT: 3:55
Music Video: Canopy- Adam Rosenberg RT:3:30
Experimental: Depression-Nick Gatsby RT:1:00
Experimental/Doc: In Water- Marley Kaiser RT: 4:06
Animation/Music Video: Bury the Nail- Leon Welling RT:4:55
Total RT: 59:26
Q&A with Filmmakers

5:00- 6:00 PM Comedy /Drama #3 R-Rated
Sponsored by: Fēd – Will Burcher

Drama: Yesterday Morning- Josh Boehnke RT:5:31
Comedy: Spike- Tyler Holme/Ben Fout RT: 2:21
Drama: Tent- Nathaniel Shields RT:31:00
Comedy: Huevos- Adam Rosenberg RT:11:00
Music Video: It’s A Beautiful Day- Dillon Novak/Adam Raynes RT: 3:17
Total RT: 53:19
Q&A with Filmmakers

6:15- 7:15 PM Filmmaker Forum – Free Attendance
Award Winning Filmmaker, Pete Schuermann (The Schuermann Collective) will host a lively discussion with all participating Filmmakers. Let’s Talk Film!
7:45-8:45 PM Awards Ceremony- Free Attendance
Special Musical Guest: SPUR

About Spur:
Spur (Travis Duncan and Jerry Cordova) have been playing their unique blend of folk music at locations around the Pikes Peak region over the past year. Jerry joined Travis on piccolo guitar for the release of his solo album, From the Mouth of Pikes Cave, at Gold Camp Brewing in December of 2017. Since then they’ve played at the ROLL Bike Art Festival at Buffalo Lodge, the Starlight Spectacular, the Muscular Sclerosis Alliance Benefit Concert at Hillside Gardens, and Tap Traders.
Special Musical Guest: Nick & Jordan

9:00 PM Wrap Party – The Principal’s Office
Join us to chat about the Festival.. The Films… and Let’s Party!